Graphic Department

Where the art is created

Arkansas labeling offers the complete in-house graphic design. We will assist you from concept to completion.

Our designers work on Macintosh systems and can create or recreate any type of print design. Our expansive typeface libraries, software programs, and state-of-the-art equipment combine to create the printed product which will make your package stand out on the store shelf.

We are fully compatible with Macintosh and PC formats and will prepare or convert your artwork to get it ready for our printing presses. Just check out our artwork specification guide in order to find out our preferred formats. After sending us artwork in our preferred formats, we will make the necessary adjustments to achieve top quality color, trapping, and overall design on our printing equipment. Just email your artwork to us at or contact us at 501-557-5667.

Flexographic Plate Making

State-of-the-art equipment

Cyrel® FAST Thermal Workflow

Productivity, Savings and Sustainability

CDI technology

Enhanced output quality and consistency

7 Presses Up to 8 Colors

Accurate & Fast